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One Change Windsor Celebrates With Their Valued Volunteers

By OneChange
Created Nov 29 2010 - 4:21pm

On Thursday November 18th, the entire staff of the One Change Windsor office gathered at Terra Cotta Pizzeria to express a final word of thanks to all of the volunteers in the area who supported our campaign with their own efforts, helping continue the grassroots emphasis of all One Change [1] initiatives. With the volunteers accounting for over 4,000 of the individual messages had with individuals about fuel efficiency, it is clear we could not have met our goal without their help!

The owners of Terra Cotta also helped express support of volunteerism by giving every person in attendance a two-for-one coupon for pizza! It was a great evening celebrating the end of our campaign, the commitment demonstrated by staff, the contribution of the volunteers, and 2 birthdays as well!

By Lynda Antle - Regional Manager, Windsor

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