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Simple Actions Matter in Ontario!

By OneChange
Created Dec 7 2010 - 4:30pm

Thanks to almost 550 volunteers, 63 community groups and the generous sponsorship of Canadian Tire [1] and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment [2], One Change was able to reach more than 150,000 people about the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure and other ways to improve fuel efficiency. As part of this fuel efficiency campaign One Change engaged in conversations with 150,000 individuals and provided them with a free digital tire gauges along with Canadian Tire money-saving coupons to residents in 86 communities across Ontario.

With 150,000 people checking and maintaining correct tire pressure that could mean big savings for Ontario including:

In addition to knocking on doors across the province, our teams hosted close to 100 free, family-friendly, hands-on fuel efficiency clinics at Canadian Tire stores, 110 community events and over 50 street blitzes to reach people with the One Change ‘simple actions matter’ message.

The Ontario fuel efficiency campaign received some great media coverage. In its 10 weeks the campaign was mentioned in over 140 media pieces helping us spread One Change’s positive message of simple actions and fuel efficiency.

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!

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